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Services for Financial Conduct Authority Registered Entities

We can help you on the following services if you are a startup or established business in the FCA sector:

1) FCA Applications

2) Compliance Services

3) Outsourced Services

4) Working with Other FCA Sector Professionals


Business Consultancy

Our business consultancy services are to make your business cost efficient and profitable. We help our clients to identify saving opportunities and help them put controls so that to help them stay on top of their finances and cash flow.


1)      Cost savings;

2)      Professional financial reporting;

3)      Better controls and procedures;

4)      Assessment and help on cash flow and forecasting;

5)      Detailed cost analysis to prevent extra spending;

6)      Getting maximum benefit from existing or future Accounting or Financial services;

7)      Becoming able to get required investment or loan.


Few examples where we can help are given below:

Scenario one:-

New start-ups

Possible assistance can be given in the following area:

1)      Business plan and forecasting;

2)      Exploring tax saving opportunities;

3)      Setting up accounting system and controls;

4)      Cost benefit analysis;

5)      Advice on relevant resource needs.

Scenario two:-

Running business

Possible assistance can be given in the following area:

1)      Finance function already outsourced or running in house but not satisfied with the outcome so assessment can be made for you to review;

2)      Setting up accounting system and controls , if required;

3)      Budgeting and forecasting;

4)      Assistance on understanding accounts for decision making processes;

5)      Advice on relevant resource needs.

Scenario three:

If you need investment or want to sell business but finance function or reporting is not up to the mark

Possible assistance can be given in the following area:

1)      To give finance department a formal and qualified shape;

2)      Putting right controls and clear reporting in place to attract investment;

3)      To fetch a right price where selling business;

4)      Assistance to have right financial outlook for getting funds from Banks or Investors;

5)      To fulfil Investors’ or Banks’ requirements for funds;

6)      To be in over-all control of the business.


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