An accountant in their own accounting business must become their own PR agent. You can hire a public relations firm to do the job for you. Most accountants who are starting their first accounting business do not have the financial resources to hire a top PR firm. You have to be opportunistic and creative.


Every accounting contact that you make can become a free salesperson for your organization if you play the PR business properly. Getting an accounting contact that is new is really what public relations can do for you.


You need to refine your message and delivery. Written and verbal messages must emphasize exactly what you do as memorably and as concisely as possible. If you do tax then you have to be sure that a potential client gets the message that you do tax better than anyone else in your area.


You have to understand that public relations do a lot more than show what you can do. Good PR presents you as more of a member of the community. The feeling of a personal touch sells for you in ways that expertise cannot. People buy based on emotion more than ration.


These are some basic and creative ways to build relationships and generate good PR.


1) Chamber of Commerce


Join the Chamber of Commerce. Join a local business and development organization. The idea is to find people who need your services. The one big man in town who hires you, likes you, and sings your praises to all of the members of his “club” can make your business the local go to accountant.


2) Local media


Try to get a few minutes on a local radio or television business talk show. This is free advertising and sells for you. You must control the interview and not let the interviewer control you.


3) Social Media


Social media is where people decide who to use and what to buy. You must have a local and regional social media presence. You have to maintain daily contact on these sites. A single fan can sell you more on social media than three professional salespeople. This is a numbers game.


4) Charity


Find a local charity that you feel authentic support for and make a big deal out of contributing to it. Help out at the charity’s events and fund raisers. You get good will and good PR.


5) Pick your spots


You cannot advertise everywhere. You need to pick the spots where the most people will see your ads. Pick a local high school or college sports field for an ad. This shows you support the local team and that you paid to support local education. Playing on the love of sports and the home team never lost anyone any money.