In the business and creative realms, there comes a time when initial work on a project is nearing completion and it is time to start letting the world in on your ideas or construction. A press release is the ‘foot in the door’ that one needs in order to start making contact with other like-minded individuals or companies.


Sometimes it seems difficult to sell one’s self or work if marketing is not your specific area of expertise. Sure, you’re a great contractor or painter or filmmaker, but once the project is ready for exhibition, how does one go about cultivating interest? That is where a press release comes in.


It is usually not necessary to hire someone to handle advertising and networking for you. This is a viable option if you can afford it, but many startups and budding companies and artists simply don’t have the capital to afford marketing. But the process can be inexpensive if you do it yourself.


There are many helpful resources online to help you construct the actual document. You can find examples of other releases or networking tips and advice on sites like The writing of a release may seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be. Simply search out good resources for help and sit down to write a draft. You already know why you started the project that you are trying to promote and what is interesting or useful about it. That is all you need. Just put the details that are necessary. Write in a professional and respectful tone. Don’t exaggerate or make claims that would be difficult to follow through. Your work will speak for itself.


When it comes to releasing information in order to try and make money on blogs, the rules aren’t vastly different. Just provide information that is valuable to people. That’s how people make money on blogs. They receive traffic because other people find the information useful or informative. You have something to offer, just do it.


If you don’t have a predetermined platform for your release, the other challenge is to contact people on the web or in print media. Honestly, most of these outlets are eager for content. Once you have your press release in hand, it’s simply a matter of contacting newspapers and websites about featuring your work. You probably won’t get 100% response, but it is worth it to contact as many outlets as possible to increase your visibility and grow your network. Again, there are great online locations, such as These are places with the specific purpose of connecting like-minded people. Remember it’s all about cultivating a community that you are a part of, where people know you and where you have a valued reputation in your field. The press release is one of the first steps in this networking endeavor.