We all know that accounting is a serious matter. Accountants and accounting firms can have a noticeable impact on everyone’s business more importantly in efficiently managing their books, and offering brilliant tax, business plan and financial advice. But the challenge of finding prospective customers and growing the business is a difficult task for any small business or individual.


The rise of digital media and social networking in particular was a great boon to all independent accountants and small businesses that could not easily find customers before. It has offered a space for the creation of an autonomous platform for digital marketing and has a great effect to pull new customers and clients. Below are some tips to be ahead in digital marketing as an independent accountant or an accounting firm as a whole.




There are a lot of companies out there that offer same services as you. You should find some advantage when it comes to communicating with your potential customers. When there are great customers who seek your services, they will definitely go through the marketing on your site to learn more about you before they start working with you.


The creation of a strong but niche specific content of the sector makes a great difference in the way the clients will react. For example, one can speak of acoustic methods or best practices for a vertical industry, in particular, in which they have specialized in recent years in their accounting practice. You can do this by creating e-books, or log entry numbers on the blog and send it to your clients in the form of newsletters that send out emails.




As an accounting firm, you do not need an expensive corporate video. High quality videos can be made through Google Hangouts, YouTube or even the Apple PhotoBooth. The goal is to show professionals and clients; personal ways that attract the views and interests in the business. The video is perhaps the most authentic method by which your prospective clients will learn about you and the service you offer.




There is a famous saying in the world of blogging, “One blog entry a day, enhances marketing.” This is so true especially in a B2B environment where there is a constant battle of thought and where a professional or independent practitioner must demonstrate knowledge and talent every day.


The blog is an effective way to seal your place in the minds of your audience. Stop being part of the crowd by placing an ad in the newspaper. This concept is an outdated one; instead, pick up your laptop or iPad and start typing a few words before going to bed. You never know, these few words can get your next big client.


Liquid Content


Create content that your customers can easily consume in everyday life. In fact, not only consume, but also must motivated to share. Add value to the daily routine of sending valuable tips to save taxes or towards creating an efficient business plan. These days you can do this through WatsApp very easily. After all, no client will dislike getting free tips on business plans and other business building content on whatsapp.