It’s no secret that the importance of sales in business is stressed. After all, that is the primary way a business brings money into their model. A business can have the best product or service around but without a qualified and effective sales plan, they are missing the mark. Here are some tips on how sales should be viewed by every business.


  1. A business can have numerous income streams. Let’s say they sell widget A, but they also sell widget B through H. On top of that, they offer additional support service packages for each one of their widgets. That adds up to about sixteen different potential income streams right there. The sales plan is what keeps them all in order. It creates specific models for each one to be presented to potential customers. For example, the dialogue to sell widget F and the dialogue to sell widget F’s extended support package are very different.


  1. Use strategy to get all members of a sales team on the right track. Having a sales manager who is well-versed in the process and growing the team is critical. He or she can take the biggest part in developing the team and bringing them together. Team meetings and team activities can be instrumental in development. On top of that, the sales manager can dictate the general sales direction they use.


  1. Know the difference between sales and marketing. Sales is one thing and marketing is another. A lot of times the line between the two becomes so blurry no one can tell what they are supposed to do. Remember that the importance of sales is defined as the effort put forth to actually make the sale and bring in revenue. Marketing is product, packaging, placement and pricing that are conducive to selling. In summary, the marketer is the one that leads the clients in with signage showing them how to get to your product while the salesman is the one who actually closes the deal.


  1. Though there is a difference between sales and marketing, they are closely related. Yes each one has its own defined goal but the two entities within one company are tied together. For the sales team to make the most of widgets they need the marketing team to properly package it. For the marketing team to properly package it, they need the sales team to consistently sell it. Everything works together.


  1. Remember to invest in your sales team and plan. Many companies rely on their individual sales team members to create sales. They don’t offer enough support in terms of learning, direction, marketing materials, resources and suggestion. Here is where again the good sales manager comes in. He or she can work with individuals and find out what their challenges are. Then, they can help to strategize solutions.