There are about 20,000 people on popular social media sites such as Facebook every second of the day. It’s being used for networking, free ads, events planning, finding jobs, promoting business and socializing generally. With these sorts of overwhelming numbers, it is easy to see why a lot of companies, especially the smaller ones prefer to focus their digital marketing strategy on social media. Since there are so many users, why worry about other avenues?


When reaching out to clients and other potential customers through social media, the problem is that it is a lot like trying to draw attention in a congested room. With so many companies regularly posting their content on Instagram and Facebook, the competition gets really fierce. The best marketing strategies are effective, reaching as many individuals as possible in a good way. But impactful tweets or posts on social media aren’t quickly absorbed nor easily acquired.


It appears like some need a stimulant as far as the concept of digital marketing beyond Facebook and any other social media is concerned. Here are neglected assets which are vital to the digital strategy of a modern business together with social media accounts;


  • Interactive Graphics


Graphic is gaining momentum all over the web. In a nutshell, interactive graphics are infographics in which the user clicks to be led to more prompts and information for the response. This offers more exposure to prospective customers, making them even more interested in the product. These interactive graphics grab and retain their attention in a way that social media will only struggle to achieve.


  • Infographics


This tool is undoubtedly the most popular advertising tool in recent years, and it can be used in virtually every industry. Checking with a specialist on digital marketing in infographics will generate captivating and interesting resources. In turn, they can be used for a long time across an assortment of outreach mediums as well as social media, including newsletters, video, email and web design.


  • Video


This tool and its importance in digital marketing can’t be understated in our on-the-go world. It was once associated with only television but is now something that reaches people anywhere via mobile devices. Video can be added to social media advertising to generate captivating posts. When uploaded to YouTube, a video will gain traction as well.


  • SEO


Getting people to come to your website after entering some words into the search engine, is still a vital part of a fruitful digital marketing campaign. Link building and content creation are functions that marketing agencies use to elevate a site in the list of search engine results for searches.


  • Web Design


It was once the premier, if not only, means for firms to communicate with their customers digitally, websites today are all utility without charm. The arrival of prefabbed framework built a clone army of site layout. While some approaches to website design are standard, a little imagination has never hurt anyone. And like the old days, the well-optimized website will keep all the visitors coming back.